L'Agence du numérique

A committed team

The French Digital Agency (L'Agence du Numérique) is composed of a creative and agile team of 40 people with an average age of 31, close to stakeholders in their respective fields. Its aim is to provide new solutions to the economic, technological and societal challenges brought about by society’s digital transformation.

An instrument in the service of regions

The French Digital Agency brings together the Government’s digital technology initiatives. It offers local authorities, elected officials, digital culture stakeholders and start-ups direct, streamlined access to government digital technology policy by introducing public and private partners to each other.

Specific and targeted initiatives

The Government has set up The French Digital Agency as a responsive organisation directly connected to its various ecosystems and capable of specific, targeted actions to meet shifting needs. A “demand-driven” agency, its initiatives keep pace with the public’s needs and the general interest.

Three key areas for a comprehensive approach to digital technology

Working with its public and private partners, The French Digital Agency is leading French society into the digital revolution, readying our country to seize the opportunities it offers in terms of growth, jobs, efficient public services, regional development and greater social cohesion. To achieve these goals, the Agency’s initiatives are based on three main, complementary lines, including some that are already part of well-established public policies.

A department with national scope

Part of the Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE), which itselfreports to the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, The French Digital Agency is a “department with national scope”, an administrative category that, due to its specific tasks and unique organisation, differs from traditional, centralised departments.

A role that complements existing public bodies


Responsive and passionate teams

The Agency operates in fast-changing environments. Its teams must be responsive and pragmatic, embrace new uses and offer open-ended or even disruptive solutions. The Agency must build a shared vision with its ecosystems and give that vision national, and even international momentum.
The Agency is made up of passionate teams from the ecosystems in which they operate in order to ensure that its initiatives are geared towards identified needs. The staff has an equal number of men and women with an average age of 31.

Equipe Agence du numérique