Broadening access to digital opportunities

Although the innovative and open nature of digital technology are beneficial,  new uses, concepts and the everchanging nature of digital objects cause new fractures to appear between citizens.

The Digital Society Programme aims at providing citizens with the ability to seize the numerous opportunities brought forth by the digital revolution. To that end, the Programme is implementing a innovative approach based on scaling up successful projects and expanding the reach of best practices.

Coordinating local strategies on digital uses and services

Since 2011, the  “local strategies for digital planning” action plans have allowed local authorities to roll out digital infrastructure investments in their communities.

Article 69 of the Digital Republic Law of October 2016 has added to these regional action plans the ability to deploy a concrete strategy regarding digital uses and services which takes into account successful local experimentations in that field.

Supporting digital literacy stakeholders and nation-wide programs

Digital literacy stakeholders convened at a Summit for Digital literacy in November 2016.  There, they elected to create a co-operative to deploy nation-wide programs to further local initiatives.

The cooperative is charged with four main roles:

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Promoting a “digital skills voucher” in order to fund digital literacy programmes

The French Digital Agency supports the national deployment of a local experimentation (the #APTIC voucher) during the first quarter of 2017. The main goal of the project is to address the demand for training in digital skills of citizens the demand of training in digital skills from social workers, volunteers and professionnals by connecting them with the places offering such services and organizations funding these initiatives. Three ambitions are at the core of the project :

Launching a Laboratory to deepen our understanding of the digital transformation and to guide efficient public policy

The Laboratory is a collaborative tool   aimed at analysing the profound transformations caused by new technologies on society. The Laboratory relies upon existing open data sets, statistical studies commissionned by the French Digital Agency, academic papers and reports from a great array of sources.

The Lab combines two approaches :

The Laboratory has both a local and an international scope.

Any individual, local authority or scholar may submit a paper, data set or essay for review.

The Laboratory has a deep focus on public open data and open knowledge.